Imaad Wasif shares sublime pop-ballad “So Long Mr. Fear”

Imaad Wasif shares sublime pop-ballad "So Long Mr. Fear"

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Imaad Wasif has shared a new single with the release of slow-burning, electro-pop concoction “So Long Mr. Fear.” The new song joins “L.A. Woman” as some of the first music the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s touring guitarist has released since his 2018 album Great Eastern Sun. A breezy collection of flittering snaps of percussion and quivering piano keys that are made that much brighter alongside Wasif’s crystalline cries. The track was made in collaboration with Bob Bruno’s “great playing on this song & sinister marimba.”


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And in between these gleaming pop-hooks Wasif sings a clever little ballad about his relationship with the titular Mr. Fear. “Tell me do you love another more?” he coos, soaking in the soft irony of his pining for such a dark emotion. But by song’s end, Wasif is singing a different tune, his incandescent voice carrying the solemn prayer to escape the shadow of his fears.

Listen to Imaad Wasif’s new single “So Long Mr. Fear” below!

Visit Imaad Wasif’s website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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