Jagged Baptist Club

L.A.-based Jagged Baptist Club have shared a new single from their upcoming album Temptation Death House with the release of jittery rager “Haunted by the Night.” Comprised of musicians Blake Stokes, Morgan Ponder, Josh Boyd and CJ Ramsey, Jagged Baptist Club have a bit of a penchant for amalgamations of art-rock and post-punk. On “Haunted by the Night,” thrumming guitar lines and pummeling bass drone onward in anxious earnestness, driving the unbridled energy lurking just beneath the surface of their pulsating sonics. Caught between its hypnotic revolutions the new song is filled with hooks and erratic tones that make it an instantaneous favorite, one just as easy to lose your mind to as your body — this song just begs to be raged to.

The new song follows the previous single “Chop X8,” for which the band also just released a wild video for. Directed by Styles Wolff Baker, the video sees the band engage in a boisterous and debauched romp on an airplane between shows. A real rollicker with its crashing cymbals and grinding riffs, “Chop X8” like “Haunted by the Night” displays some of the dynamism expected on Temptation Death House.

Jagged Baptist Club will be playing a residency at the Silverlake Lounge every Wednesday in September. Visit the band’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Jagged Baptist Club’s new single “Haunted by the Night” and watch the video for “Chop 8”