Photos by Bradley Hale & Robin Laananen (top to bottom)

As part of an ongoing 7” vinyl split series, Suicide Records dropped One Way or the High Way, a collaboration featuring Atlanta’s The Coathangers and Los Angeles’ very own, L.A. Witch. For their contributions, both bands cover classic punk rock songs from bands that hair from each’s respective coasts. For L.A. Witch, that means a rambunctious cover of The Gun Club’s “Ghost on the Highway” while The Coathangers tackle Blondie’s “One Way or Another.”


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Employing their tough but tender style, The Coathangers, who back in 2020 actually backed Debbie Harry during a performance for Coach’s New York fashion week, reinvigorate the well known hooks of “One Way or Another” while amping up the gritty punk potential that drives the song’s attitude. As for L.A. Witch, they take The Gun Club’s fast-paced thriller and send it straddled across a hefty reverb to ride off in the sunset. An amalgam of punk, rockabilly and a sun tinged rock n’ roll, the trio capture a vibe only the West Coast could concoct.

Out now digitally, One Way or the High Way, will be available on vinyl Nov. 19 with only 1000 copies made, 100 copies on Pretty Baby (The Coathangers exclusive), 100 copies on Voodoo Purple/Green (L.A. Witch exclusive), and 800 copies on Triple Threat Vinyl.

Both bands have upcoming tour dates across the U.S., with several December dates in the South for The Coathangers and dates all throughout October and November for L.A. Witch. The latter tour will see L.A. Witch supporting The Black Angels as they travel down the California Coast from San Francisco to San Diego, with Southern California dates at the Pomona Glass House on Nov. 13 and L.A.’s Fonda Theatre on Nov. 15.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on L.A. Witch, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

For more on The Coathangers, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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