Latinx singer/songwriter Nick Pagan basks us in his woozy romantics on new-wop “There Is A Fool For You”

Latinx singer/songwriter Nick Pagan basks us in his woozy romantics on new-wop "There Is A Fool For You"
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Just announced! Nick Pagan will perform two nights at Moroccan Lounge opening for Nick Waterhouse!

Hailing from the Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Nick Pagan has a special place in his heart for guitar-driven ditties that sound like the dusted-off echos of a bygone age, especially on his new single “There Is A Fool For You.” The latest single from the Latinx crooner is a woozy, doo-wop-esque slow dance through Pagan’s intoxicating romantics. Delivered via his hoarse wail and the lazy swing of undulating strings, brass horns, and twittering percussion, “There Is A Fool For You” is a potent taste of what Pagan has dubbed “new-wop.”


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Adding to the song’s raw expulsion of emotion is the fact that Pagan’s vocals and the rhythm section were recorded in one take, lending it a moving earnestness. Previous singles “Hardly Use My Hands” and “In A Cave” were also recorded on their first take — the latter having also been featured on the Netflix series “Elite.”

“It’s this reason that the song, despite being a straight-up doo-wop type of form, has a new feel to it,” Pagan said of the song’s recording. “That’s me and the band and all of our life experience in this digital, dystopian age through classic vintage vessels. This song, for me, is the definition of new-wop: colorful sonic palettes, catchy hooks, and sounds ripe to be sampled.”


Catch Nick Pagan live in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve opening for Nick Waterhouse! Two Nicks are better than one! Pagan will open for Waterhouse on Dec. 31 at the Moroccan Lounge in Downtown L.A.. There’s an early show and a late show. Take your pick or rock out at both. Tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 24 at 10am.


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Listen to Nick Pagan’s new single “There Is A Fool For You” below!

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