Dolly Dagger shares debut single/video for instantly classic grunge piece “Break and Bend”

Dolly Dagger

L.A. indie-rocker (by way of Australia), Dolly Dagger has shared her debut single with the release of her odd-ball new video for “Break and Bend.” A proper grungy track that reverberates with Dolly Dagger and and Jesse McInturff’s singed guitars and power-punk rushes, the new song follows Dolly’s sluggish but hopeful movements through the malaise of life — or life after a global pandemic forced us into the emotionally exhausting isolation of our homes. Dolly hones in on how technology, a means for keeping us connected to one another, can sometimes accentuate that distance to new extremes.


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The music video for the single, directed by Heath Saunders in a ruined building in South L.A. called the Masonic Ballroom, takes this sentiment to its logical extreme in some pretty visually arresting ways. Whether it’s the fact that Dolly’s partner in the film, dressed in a suit, has a phone for a head or the fact that the couple’s home is in a dilapidated building fading fast — the video for “Break and Bend” sees the band playing house to the tune of their lighthearted distress.

“I was feeling disconnected from everyone even though we’re super-connected through technology,” Dolly said of the new song. “That mechanical ‘hug’ of my mum and best friend on the phone in the video while being apart, it felt daze-like and life seemed weird and odd. That’s what the music video was made to capture, everything being slightly off.”


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Watch the video for Dolly Dagger’s new song “Break and Bend” below!

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