Arca’s New Single “Born Yesterday” is a Powerful Cascade of Emotion and Sound
Arca by Unax LaFuente

After the success of her Grammy nominated album, KiCk i — Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer, model, painter, pop diva and experimental music compose — Alejandra Ghersi Rodriguez, known professionally as Arca, is back with the announcement of her follow up album, KICK ii, and the release of her new single “Born Yesterday.” Featuring pop singer Sia, the new single, the first teaser for Arca’s new LP, is filled to the brim with powerful vocals that interlace and expand to encapsulate potent lyrics. Carefully layered with electronic sounds and cascading vocals, it is atmospheric and permeates strong sentiments, both in heartbreak and acceptance.


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Singing about the realization that her significant other has betrayed her trust, Arca laments for the love she has lost. Still, she notes she is not naive to the erosion of her relationship or how her significant other can no longer look her in the face. She makes the decision to end things, and even goes so far as to tell the person who hurt her not to cry or feel bad — just to leave and know everyone occasionally makes mistakes or bad decisions in life. Though hurt and betrayed, Arca’s single gives strength to anyone trying to rise above heartache and confusion. Along with the release of her new single, Arca performs a moving ballad of sound and dance in the music video for “Born Yesterday.” Visually, Arca is alone in a dark room dressed in a fallen angel attire as she pours her heart out.

Having produced for the likes of Lady Gaga, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Björk, Kanye, Frank Ocean and FKA twigs, and having composed music for television series, art museums and fashion shows. Arca’s range as a musician and producer spans a wide ocean of sound, creativity and style.

In addition to her new single and album on the way, Arca will be performing in Los Angeles at the Catch One venue on Dec. 3 with several other artists. The show is presented by A2B2.

Arca’s new album, KICK ii, is out Dec. 3 via XL Recordings, and is the second installment in the KiCk created to represent and reveal the plurality and multiple self-states within Arca. The 12-track album also features collaboration with Cardopusher, Boys Noize, Mica Levi, Jenius Level, Wondagurl, Cubeatz and Sia.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more information, make sure to check out Arca’s website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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