TeaMarrr Brews a Steaming Cup of Sensuality with Her New Single "Show Me Love"

Feeling herself and lost in the excitement of something new, TeaMarrr revels in the delight of inhibition with her new single “Show Me Love” featuring Meer Colon. Riding the groove of an effortless give and take between two souls meeting on the dance floor, TeaMarrr playfully and sensually delves into the essence of physical chemistry as she rides the line between elegance and evocative.

Witty and fun, “Show Me Love” is a laid back, rhythmic tune that ebbs and flows with a free flowing energy. With its infectious beat and insatiable rhythm, TeaMarrr creates a lush paradise to explore all her fantasies, and between TeaMarrr’s soft and enticing vocals and Colon’s air of confidence, the song is dripping in Dionysian pleasure as the rhythm hits every sweet spot while the lyrics map out an organic desire and lust for life and love. Fleeting, but never insincere, TeaMarrr wants to feel the purity of love through the carnal energy of someone who will challenger her in all the right ways.

Paired with a visually rich music video, TeaMarrr wraps her single in a fun and imaginative concept. The video starts with TeaMarrr dressed in a two-piece gold outfit, ornate headdress and dazzling jewelry. She sits on her throne, surrounded by a faithful court of ladies who help her review potential suitors. Unfortunately, none have the moves to entice Teamarrr, that is until Meer Colon shows up and ushers her into a brand new dimension filled with beautiful and lush house plants and as he serenades her with his body. From effortless and sexy dance moves, tongue in cheek humor and a surprise plant lady aesthetic, the music video plays perfectly to the free and unabashed vibe TeaMarrr likes to create in her music.

TeaMarrr’s new single comes after a string of new releases this year and the 2020 release of her EP, Before I Spill Myself. As usual, TeaMarrr gives explicit and clever instructions for her partner to follow and finds a space where respect and confidence are established through desire and candid conversations about sex.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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