Bronsen Vidas tries to escape dreams of lost loves on "You're Just a Daydream"

Bronsen Vidas has released another vibrant single in the form of “You’re Just A Daydream,” an engrossing vision of heartache and the exasperation that comes with its seemingly eternal revolutions. Between the gilded whine of electric guitars and syncopated beats, the new track is an ecstatic jammer. Caught between the inescapable visions of loves lost and the painful pining over them that ensues afterward, “You’re Just A Daydream” is a playful, tongue-in-cheek rehash of yearning love songs for something a little different. Known for being a self-described “musical blender,” Vidas’ latest single is a prime example of the types of delicious “sound smoothies” that the artist is capable of whipping up.


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Vidas, who started his singing career early as a choir boy, began the tumble that would lead him to discover all the endlessly vast worlds of genres of music that he hadn’t known existed. After learning how to play guitar “as fast as humanly possible,” he then took a deep dive into everything from Brazilian jazz and old school soul, to beach pop and EDM, whetting his appetite for new textures with which to translate his passion. And apart from drums, which Vidas concedes he “sucks” at, he plays all the instruments on his recordings, including “You’re Just A Daydream.”

With the release of his live album Bronsen Vidas Live, Vol. 1 this year, Vidas continues to bring the magic of his sleek productions and lush instrumentation to the stage. It’s also an unabridged look at what to expect from a Vidas show, a rare look but one absolutely rife with reasons to catch him on his next outing. From the bubbly kinetic love that bounces around on “Be Mine For A Minute” and the similarly shimmering “Bed Like This,” to the heartwrenching but tender “Magnetize Me” and its radiant riffs, the live album is an intimate window into both Vidas’ songwriting and his performing.

And recent singles like the sumptuous love song “Chamomile” and “Killing Time,” a glowing jam that’s propelled by a jittery piano medley. There’s a spaciousness to Vidas’ creations, his intertwined instrumentals and chameleon vocals scattering themselves within the sonorous soundscapes of his meandering hits. With recent shows at the El Rey and West Hollywood Sounds, and a debut album yet to be manifested — Vidas is poised to make some serious waves when he drops his first full-length release. This is an artist worth keeping on your radar.

“I thought I had been over her for a long time, but she continued to appear in my dreams,” Vidas said of the song. “I wanted to make this song as dramatic as possible in an attempt to mockingly reflect on old feelings for a lost love, and instruments can be heard playing musical tag throughout in a playful mix of R&B, Indie Pop, and 80’s Rock.”

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Listen to Bronsen Vidas’ new single “You’re Just A Daydream” below!

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