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Artist, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and rapper St. Panther has released a two-song bundle with “Greatness” and “Places.” The former is a single to uplift and celebrate the distance a person has gone thus far in their life while the latter is a more introspective, pensive track on the specific places one has been (both mentally and physically).


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On “Greatness,” St. Panther raps playfully and confidently over an upbeat track as she appreciates the happiness and bliss she’s created and found in her life. It’s a song that oozes style and radiates positive vibes that are further captured visually via St. Panther’s youthful and fun music video. Serving as creative director for the music video, alongside co-creative director Lili Peper, and producer Michael Kagan, St. Panther highlights various aspects of her life with specific detail to her Southern California surroundings.

“This is a song about leveling up,” notes St. Panther. “In so many words it’s a song about arriving to a place in your life where you couldn’t imagine yourself asking for more, and celebrating being in the now.”

“Places” on the other hand, is a lot more laid back, with St. Panther singing over a steady, soft beat and jazzy melody. Lo-fi and understated, it’s a slow burner as opposed to the fire cracker nature of “Greatness.”

This two-song release showcases the versatility of St. Panther and her ability to capture both the inhibition of her youth as well as the uncertainty and ambiguity of that goes along with growing up. Through it all, she carries a sense of hindsight, reflecting on life with clarity and creativity. Both singles were also produced by St. Panther, with additional production by Ricky Reed on “Greatness.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on St. Panther, visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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