Ally Barron pens a soulful introduction on "Sincerely, AB"
Photo by Nas Bogado

Ally Barron is ready to say what she needs to say and on her new EP Sincerely, AB she pens a warm and pop-hook filled letter of introduction. The album’s five tracks cover a wide range of experiences from the singer/songwriter and actress’ life, from wrestling with self-love to toxic relationships. On the EP’s opening song “Competition,” Barron lucidly cuts through the facade of sleazy and uncommitted exes over a slick beat; while glittery pop-ballad “T-Shirt” sees her fighting with the painful memories of a past love.


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Barron, who grew up in Southern California, faced early-on doubts about her own worth and comparisons to others. It was a desire to follow in her older sister’s footsteps that pushed her to learn piano and take vocal lessons – but she stopped short of ever performing for anyone, including her family. By the time she was a senior Barron had overcome some of that shyness, posting songs online, and even landed a spot on the show Malibu Surf. But when the global pandemic put production on hold she found more time to work on her music, which led to the creation of Sincerely, AB.

On the EP, Ally Barron polishes soulful pop taking cues from Alessia Cara and Kehlani to Rihanna, and the message at the center of her intensely intimate songs are as important as their addictive melodies. It’s the kind of introspection that floats to the top of “Thank You,” a sobering ballad on which Barron wrings out some triumph from heartache. While on the fiery “What’s Her Number” she once more unmasks the cycles of pains shitty men inflict on the women they’re with.

And it’s why the artist takes pride in how her honest explication of her experiences have made her a role model for women of all ages. For Barron, music is a unifying act and a means of undoing the ways women are made to compete and fight, rather than help one another.

“All of my songs are things I can’t really say to someone out loud,” she affirms. “I’d love to say these things, but I would just never have the courage to! My music lets me express everything I need to say into art, allowing me to talk to someone directly on each track.”

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Listen to Ally Barron’s new EP Sincerely, AB below!

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