2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch Featuring Ai Bendr

2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch Featuring ai bendr

As the project of the Australian born, Michigan raised artist Chioma Ai Bendors Ilozor — Ai Bendr, who is now based in L.A., has spent the last two years cultivating an ever-growing following enamored by her affecting pop ballads. Her first single, the heartrending and soulful “Love Me Low,” helped fuel the fire when it made its debut on HBO’s Euphoria. From then on Ai Bendr had established herself as a producer of resounding, alt-R&B pieces that rely as much on her penetrating songwriting as they do on her ability to embody everything from deep sorrow to heady allure. 

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Her recent singles have only furthered anticipation for an Ai Bendr debut EP and full-length album. From the reverberating melodics and lush tones of “Coffee,” a sleek pop piece that gushes in its adoration, to the dreamy atmospherics of the pained “I Like You” — Ai Bendr molds her music out of the most vulnerable parts of herself. And with the release of her most recent single/video in “The Deep” she continues to expand herself as an artist, taking on new perspectives in an attempt to not only better understand other people – but herself in the process. 


Ai Bendr’s recent success represents an aligning of stars in a way for the young artist. Before she left her family behind for boarding school in Massachusetts, any thoughts about a future in making music appeared out of reach, as her family discouraged the passion beyond a hobby. But while at school, Ilozor took advantage of the opportunity to grow as an artist, teaching herself to play the piano and writing the songs that would eventually become her first singles. With 2022 on the horizon, her family firmly behind the pursuit of her passion, and her status as a rising star, Ai Bendr is situated to make an explosive debut. 

With a new single underway and set to be released this January, we can’t wait to see what Ai Bendr cooks up in 2022. Visit Ai Bendr’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements. Follow Ai Bendr on Spotify.

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