2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch Featuring Nick Pagan

2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Music Artists to Watch Featuring Nick Pagan

Reaching deep into the spirit of California’s Hispanic roots — classic low riders, pomade-firm hair and crooning oldies — L.A. based musician, Nick Pagan strikes a nostalgic tone in his music, sticking firmly to the “new-wop” sound that binds him to the past while also poising him as a timeless voyager adrift in an endless stream of never-going-out-of-style music.


With catchy hooks, swaying melodies and a voice that drops low and raises high to hit every sentimental tone, Pagan’s music combines some of the best elements of old school doo-wop with a unique, modern perspective. Playful and dynamic, his music tracks the patter of a heartbeat of a man navigating the world and all its ups and downs. Whether he is reeling in heartache or romantic exuberance, he finds a way to serenade us with sultry vocals and charismatic lyrics.

Pagan combines musical history with his present day experiences traveling through California and getting to know it and its inhabitants from many angles. A true “Californio,” Pagan touts musical prowess with a propensity for storytelling that captures the rich tapestry that is California.

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After releasing two new singles this year, Pagan was scheduled for a double New Year’s Eve show in Los Angeles at the Moroccan Lounge opening for fellow throwback crooner Nick Waterhouse. Like many concerts the past two week, the anticipated performance was canceled due to COVID. But that’s not stopping Nick Pagan. Expect more new music and shows to come for 2022.

“I plan to hit the studio hard this year and release some fresh singles. I plan to play the hell out of L.A. so people will definitely be seeing my name,” says Pagan. “My goals are to play some festivals, land a tour, collab, collab, collab with artists of all different genres and media, and further develop my label Yellow Stucco House.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Nick Pagan, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Stream his music on Spotify.

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