2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Artists to Watch Featuring boylife Ryan Yoo
Photo by Aijani Payne

Releasing earlier this year his debut album, gelato, L.A. artist boylife, the musical project of Ryan Yoo, has brought five years of work to a crescendo, resulting in an emotional, deeply seeded piece that captures a wide breadth of feeling and experiences.

Distilling the consorted moments of going through life unaware of your own mental illness (and therefore less equipped to properly care for yourself), to finally being able to pinpoint a reason for all the extreme highs and lows, boylife steps onto the stage, raw and filled with creative integrity as he shares his story and channels struggle into a cathartic, ambitious project.

Visceral, yet vulnerable — provocative, but always straightforward, boylife‘s music takes his experiences and turns them into a palpable, intense burst of sonic energy, stitching together genres in bold and striking ways, sometimes even in deep contrast to one another, that further intensify his innate sense for sharp-witted lyrics delivered via smooth vocals. An experiment, but one with clear intentions and meaning, gelato, marks for the young artist, a new precipice to stand on and appreciate what he’s created and offered out into the world.

Since his album release, boylife has come back with high paced, visually explosive music videos for singles “Lush” and “superpretty” that capture the complexities of a young person trying to find themselves during a time that seems as equally insane as their internal monologue.

Both his music and visuals for his singles permeate with an abstract creativity and deeply emotive drive. In just two years, boylife has culminated into a budding artist with a propensity for honesty and bluntness without shying away from his own vulnerabilities and struggles.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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