Hot Artist Alert: Soltera Tightens the Ties that Bind with Deeply Connective Dance Music

Hot Artist Alert: Soltera Tightens the Ties that Bind with Deeply Connective Dance Music
Photo credit: Sophia Garcia

Fueled by a desire to bring communities together, make people feel deeply and get them moving all along the way, Los Angeles based musician, performer, DJ and film maker — Soltera drums up saturated, bouncy house/dance tunes that combine hypnotically rhythmic beats, sultry vocals and a fluttering of experimental sound.

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Born out of the San Fernando Valley, Soltera is the project of Tania Ordoñez, a longtime creative soul inspired and immersed in the scene of Los Angeles music and backyard shows. With a fertile backdrop, Ordoñez’s deep dive into music came into fruition in 2018, when she she began self-producing her own music, borrowing synthesizers and drum machines from friends. What has cultivated since is Soltera, an otherworldly alter ego poised to represent the beauty, pain and life embedded in her music.

Soltera’s most recent EP release, Sin Compromiso is a mysterious, dark and edgy voyage where nothing is as it really seems. With elements of house, progressive trance, techno and electronica in general, the six-track collection twists and turns like a maze of echoey corridors. Though the instrumentals work to stir up palpable feelings and high amounts of energy for dancing, Soltera’s vocals work double duty, sometimes acting as an anodyne to soothe us and at other times, a catalyst to amp us up.


In the EP’s opening track, “Tengo Miedo,” Soltera manages to do both, building echoing vocals that climb with trancelike beats before dropping into a circadian hum, driven by down tempo drums. In between longer tracks that traverse many peaks and valleys, Soltera also sprinkles in little bursts of biting, in your face dance-bangers including “Mis Palabras” and “She doesn’t like men.”

With other singles, such as “Se Llama Carolina,” Soltera focuses more on dreamy techno progressions and a looping beat as she softly croons with minimal lyrics and sultry coos. Paired with a recently released music video that features a headstrong and rakish individual whose power walk is equally as impressive as their bedroom dance moves.

From hardcore and tangible to translucent and illusive, Soltera has her finger right on the pulse of self expression and experimentation from her music. From small club shows to her recent gig at Viva! Pomona, and a stint as a DJ at dublab radio, to the recent creation of her new music label, Casa Teca — Soltera is poised for big things in the coming years

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Soltera, make sure to visit her Bandcamp and follow her on Instagram.