Strumming together fragile, intricate and stirring tunes, Mexican indie artist Silvana Estrada casts a spell of enchantment and softness with her music, the sound of which is contrasted by sharp lyrics and piercing vocals from the young artist. Her latest single, “La Corrientes,” the last drop from her recently released album, Marchita, is a powerful entanglement with love told through earthly metaphors. Relating an individual to the forces of nature (the tides, winds, currents, etc. ) and like a stream to the ocean, she is pulled by these invisible energies swirling all around her.

“With ‘La Corriente,’ I felt that I was writing to the uncertain – a new stage of my life was beginning,” Estrada explains. “Although it is a love song, it is also full of desire to discover life. To go out and face the new. I think now that it is a song about claiming the strength and courage of love.”

Slow and deliberate, the song is driven by Estrada’s euphonic, overflowing vocals that tie together beautiful lyrics of desire and mystery. A guitar accompanies Estrada with careful steps, bouncing from strum to strum with a steady rhythm, and eventually met by the slow drawl of other string instruments.

In Marchita, Estrada evokes a dance within herself, following the rhythm of her emotions and allowing herself to be moved and swayed by the intensely swelling thoughts and feelings that connect mind and body. In the album’s title track, and through much of the album, Estrada goes deep into the intricacies of love and heartache; this single in particular climbing and falling with the careful inflection of Estrada’s voice, draped of course in dazzling strings. Throughout the album, Estrada incorporates poetic inspiration with an amalgam of genres and musical styles, making all of it her own.

Influenced by other strong Hispanic and Latin American performers, including Natalia Lafourcade, who like Silvana, grew up outside Veracruz, Chile’s Mon Laferte and Uruguayan singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler — Estrada’s music builds off of her predecessors with her careful craft; accented by the rise and fall of her hand on her Venezuelan cuatro guitar — the instrument of choice for this multi-instrumentalist — and her powerful vocals that soar to beautiful heights only to dive down unexpectedly with precision and grace.

This year, Silvana Estrada embarks on a tour throughout the United States with solo dates as well as festival dates including a stop at The Paramount in Los Angeles on February 11 and in San Francisco on February 12 at Brick & Mortar.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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Silvana Estrada Upcoming Tour Dates:
1.14-1.16 → Prototype Festival → New York, NY
1.27 → City Winery → Washington, DC
1.28 → NC Folk Festival → Greensboro, NC
1.30 → City Winery → Atlanta, GA
2.1 → City Winery → Nashville, TN
2.3 → The Parish → Austin, TX
2.4 → Club Dada → Dallas, TX
2.5 → The Bronze Peacock at HOB → Houston, TX
2.7 → Valley Bar → Phoenix, AZ
2.11 → The Paramount Theatre → Los Angeles, CA
2.12 → Brick & Mortar → San Francisco, CA
2.14 → Doug Fir → Portland, OR
2.15 → The Sunset → Seattle, WA
2.18 → Kilby Court → Salt Lake City, UT
2.19 → Marquis → Denver, CO
2.21 → Music Hall of Williamsburg → Brooklyn, NY
2.23 → City Winery → Philadelphia, PA
2.25 → City Winery → Boston, MA
2.26 → La Sala Rosa → Montreal, QUE
2.27 → Adelaide Hall → Toronto, ONT
3.1 → Turf Club → Minneapolis, MN
3.2 → Schubas → Chicago, IL