Photo by Leo Johnson

Leading up to the third installment of his 3-piece album debut, music artist Baird shares “Lightning of July,” a subtle, heartfelt new single that encapsulates the powerful effects of romantic infatuation. With an easygoing melody and lyrical heft, the new tune showcases Baird’s raconteur lyrics and acoustic song arrangements.

Centered on the intangible moment when one takes the plunge to fall head first in love, the single is carried along by a sweet and simple melody. Also influenced by the hot, sticky summers of Baltimore where Baird grew up, that at any moment go from condensed air full of humidity to pouring thunderstorms, he draws parallels between a brewing summer’s storm to the progression of a crush.

“It’s about that moment when your crush melts from fear into confidence and you let go of worries for the future,” Baird notes. “You’re so taken with someone that at first you’re just washed away by them, but then you realize that you’re actually part of the storm too. That’s the release you hear at the end of the chorus.”

“Lightning of July” follows the singles, ”Darkness of the Night” and ”Easy on Them Turns,” — tracks that will also be on Baird’s upcoming album, BIRDSONGS VOL. 3, out March 11 via EQT Recordings. While “Easy on Them Turns” falls more on the electro-rock spectrum, ”Darkness of the Night” combines electronic elements with a softer, acoustic approach. BIRDSONGS VOL. 3 follows BIRDSONGS VOL. 2, a light-footed electro-indie stroll released in 2020 and influenced by the time Baird spent living in Mexico City. VOL. 1 is a danceable, R&B influenced burst of energy released in 2018.

From one installment to the next, Baird has grown exponentially as an artist, mixing a singer/songwriter’s mentality with electronic productions. Having worked both as a writer and producer with fellow up and coming artists, including Arlo Parks, BROCKHAMPTON, Dominic Fike, Yendry, Berhana and more — Baird immerses himself in his music and process, cultivating inspiration and collaboration in the music community that goes both ways.

Through it all, Baird finds himself in the position of letting his heart and mind explore the scenery at hand — whether it be his hometown of Baltimore, the time he spent in Mexico City or now where he resides in L.A. — while still creating layers of interesting and unique sound that is hard to pin down in just a few words. A fan of all types of music and musicians, Baird hopes to continue to create interesting and captivating tunes that encompass all that he loves.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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