Render Cupid’s arrows useless with Guyville’s anti-Valentine’s anthem “Should Have Never Dated”


Guyville has shared a new single with the anti-Valentine’s Day anthem “Should Have Never Dated.” A pummeling affirmation of blitzing guitars and romantic mistakes — not to mention a foreboding warning about mixing work with pleasure. But as sodden with regret as Guyville’s lyricism might be the track turns that potent emotion into something kinetic and volatile. “Should Have Never Dated” rips and roars like the 90’s indie-rock pieces it affectionately echoes, carried by Guyville’s melodic infectiousness.


Brought together by their magnetizing love of Liz Phair and kaleidoscopic rock, the duo behind Guyville is comprised of Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander. It only took one writing session for the two artists to realize they had some real chemistry. One of the first songs to come out of that session was “Should Have Never Dated,” while their first single “Nothing” revealed their exquisite knack for combining 90s rock with elements of pop à-la Shania Twain.

But the formation of Guyville was more than just an aligning of stars and similar music tastes. Both Hamilton and Hulslander found in each other a means of understanding — in their own journeys as artists and in the women of the 90s at which they looked up to. And the duo has no problem drawing from their own personal experiences for their music.


Like “Should Have Never Dated,” their debut single “Nothing” finds catharsis in their shared enduring of failed relationships. If there was ever a more perfect song to rage against Cupid’s arrows with we haven’t yet heard it. “Should Have Never Dated” might be only the second single from Los Angeles’ Guyville but it’s going to get some serious mileage on Valentine’s Day.

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Listen to Guyville’s new song “Should Have Never Dated”

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