Katzù Oso

As vibrant and suave as ever Katzù Oso has shared another look into his melodic mind with the new single “Don’t Ask Why.” Soaked in the singer/songwriter’s love of vintage-tinted bedroom pop, the new song is a shimmering romance. Sung from the Katzù Oso‘s underdog type persona “Oso,” whose real name is Paul Hernandez, “Don’t Ask Why” sees his alter-ego inquiring for the reasons why he and his love are no longer together.

Digging through memories both heartbreaking and humorous Oso channels his inner Bee Gees with falsetto howls and an exceptionally groovy electric guitar. “Your friends all seem to like me / Your brother didn’t mind me / So where did we go wrong?” he croons. The song itself caught between the pain of the heart and the absolutely euphoric effervescent textures that soar from it.

Since releasing his sublime debut album Pastel back in 2018 Oso has become a burgeoning name and creator of infectiously affecting pop. Then there was his disco-electronica EP Colour, along with singles like a cover of the Bee Gees’ seminal “More Than a Woman” and “Amor Extraño,” which continues the artist’s incorporation of Spanish into his bilingual songs.

Katzù Oso will be playing the Belasco in Los Angeles on March 25 supporting Love of Lesbian. Visit Katzù Oso’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Katzù Oso’s new single “Don’t Ask Why”