Katzù Oso releases his tender new single and video “Amor Extraño”

Katzù Oso releases his tender new single and video “Amor Extraño”
Katzù Oso — Photo: Robin Banks

Colorful indie-pop artist Katzù Oso shares his soothing serenade “Amor Extraño.” As his melodic vocals gently glide over soft synths, drums and glistening guitar, listeners are hooked in straight away. Lulling us with his lush sound, he passionately sings of his affection for telenovelas. The track possesses a swirling romanticism that will sweep you off your feet. Capturing the vibes of dreamy indie talents like Tame Impala and HOMESHAKE, but delivered in the most beautiful love language, Oso exudes a wistful, nostalgia. This new single portrays that same breezy feel.

Dia De Los Deftones

The accompanying visuals showcase a couple so in love, they are willing to do anything for the other person. Even when things take a turn for the worst, the two still stick by one another. The singer reveals, “I watched a close friend of mine go through a break up with their significant other. It seemed like such a toxic relationship but my friend was still head over heels for their soon to be ex-lover. That’s why the video is so dramatic. I wanted to capture the passion, the heartache, and the hopelessness in these characters through the lens of a romantic action novella.”

Paul Hernandez aka Katzù Oso is known for his light, 80s-esque soundscapes, creating a relaxing air. It is easy to drift away with each offering. Through his calming quality, Hernandez has gained a loyal fan base. This has allowed him the pleasure of performing with greats like Tyler, The Creator and Clairo.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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