Los Angeles Local Katzù Oso Creates Chill Dance Vibes with New Single “In Too Deep”

Katzù Oso -- Photo Credit: Sydney Yatco
Katzù Oso — Photo Credit: Sydney Yatco

Latinx musician Paul Hernandez, better known by his stage name Katzù Oso, has released a new single “In Too Deep,” making good on his promise to fans to release new music — his last release was a single in 2019. The song comes as a prelude to Oso’s sophomore album, “Colour” out June 2020 via Cosmica Artists. Oso was featured in Grimy Goods’ ‘Forecast 15: Los Angeles Bands to Watch in 2019,’ so it’s no surprise his first single of 2020 is this good.

“In Too Deep” is a fun tune saturated in 80s nostalgia and party vibes. The song’s bouncy melody never gets too crazy, but it’s packed with enough energy to keep you fixed in a trance of happy dance vibes all day. 

Accompanying the track is an animated music video created by animator and music maker Edgar Fernandez. The colorful graphics feature psychedelic backgrounds, individuals dancing and various other music related items. Images pop out to you in color and style as they shuffle in and out of frame to the tempo of the music. 

Oso’s SoCal upbringing lends itself to his music, a vivacious and often dreamy concoction made from an oversaturation of good weather and the wistful thinkings of youth. With a small but mighty catalog, Oso provides the perfect bubblegum dance pop music to chew on whether you’re looking for new tunes to play during this week’s Zoom dance party or putting together chill background vibes for a two-hour bath.

For more of Katzù Oso, check out his website or follow him on social media.

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