Sara Hebe and Ana Tijoux Team Up On New Track “Almacen de Datos”

Sara Hebe and Ana Tijoux Team Up to Drop New Track “Almacen de Datos”

Hitting hard with a banging reggaeton beat and no holds barred attitude, Latinx artists Sara Hebe and Ana Tijoux team up to release the hypnotic track, “Almacen de Datos.“ While the song’s insanely catchy beat ensnares you in a hip swaying frenzy, the lyrics highlight problems within society and the music industry.


Tossing lyrics back and forth, Tijoux and Hebe commiserate on society’s obsession with the online world and how that creates a fast-paced, data driven landscape for musicians to navigate. The result of which cultivates placing value in music and artists not for their inherent quality, but in how much money they can attract via online attention; likes, views, listens and followers over originality and talent.

Having to think about algorithms, streaming numbers, keeping online fans happy and basically selling every part of themselves to satisfy the demand of social media leaves the two rappers in a gray area of confusion and insecurity. Fed up, the two rap with a tenacious energy, hitting every line with a palpable and unapologetic anger; their spitfire vocals and tight rhythms drive their point forward with incredible force. Despite all their frustrations though, their desire to make the music they want keeps them on track and true to themselves.


Adding more context and texture to their single, the music video for “Almacen de Datos” combines a montage of popular memes, gifs and viral videos plastered into real life as Tijoux and Hebe scour the streets, selling knick knacks, dancing and rapping to each other on their smartphones.

Tijoux and Hebe’s collaboration comes after the two spontaneously connected over their respective music and political ideas shared online and in their lyrics: Hebe is from Argentina and Tijoux was born in France to a French mother and Chilean father who was exiled from Chile during Pinochet’s gruesome dictatorship.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Sara Hebe, make sure to visit her Bandcamp and follow her on Instagram.

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