Jensen McRae Drops Her Beautifully Crafted Debut Album ”Are You Happy Now?”

Jensen McRae Drops Her Beautifully Crafted Debut Album ”Are You Happy Now?”
Photo Credit: Caity Krone

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jensen McRae has released her debut album, Are You Happy Now? out via Human Re Sources. Building momentum over the past three years, releasing a string of singles and EP’s, Jensen McRae’s new album is a rich culmination of her songwriting talent and strength as a musician and budding individual always on the cusp of a new self-discovery and perceptions of the world.


Resilient and vulnerable, Are You Happy Now? is equal parts tender and tough, working in a broad range of emotions, sentiments and experiences, all laced together via a nuanced and eloquent approach. McRae’s buttery vocals, deep and smooth, melt over an array of soft instrumentals that entwine one track to another. Her lyrics, direct, honest and pointed both inwardly and externally, land with an unfettered poignancy.

From slow and acoustic, to more of a pop-tinged saunter, the ebb and flow of the album creates a beautiful cyclical rhythm, like the calculated breaths of a yogi master; each inhale creates a stability and balance while the exhale pushes the body and mind further into a deep stretch, therefore inhabiting all the space one is capable of taking up. Parallel to this, McRae breathes wisdom and clarity into her work, even when she is unsure of herself or others.


Singles such as ”Machines” and “My Ego Dies at the End” denote a self awareness and growth reflective of someone present in their life and not afraid to be exposed and honest while other singles such as ”With the Lights On” call for a different type of transparency, one she is hoping to cultivate with others.

Ending with “Make You Proud,” the 24-year-old singer / songwriter pens a heartfelt letter to her future self, encapsulating the lessons she’s learned thus far and the hope that she will continue to grow into the person she knows is inside of her.

Jensen McRae goes on tour this spring with Amos Lee, as well as tour dates with Corinne Bailey Rae, including a Santa Barbara date The Lobero for July 15.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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