Hot Artist Alert: Wax Motif catches fire on his debut album “House of Wax” — L.A. date at Hollywood Palladium

Wax Motif

Australian artist Wax Motif has pieced together an ambitious reintroduction of sorts with the release of his debut album House of Wax. The explosive 17-track collection runs the gauntlet of singles that have made the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer a near household name in the realm of bass-house. To top it all off, the music artist just dropped a sizzling new track titled On The Low featuring producer, Longstoryshort. They debuted the track last weekend at Ultra Music Festival and it was a hit. And did we mention Wax Motif just announced a headline gig at the Hollywood Palladium?!


With House of Wax, every track on the album sees the enigmatic Wax Motif dipping into his limitless reservoir of fiery beats — from bassline, rap, disco, house, R&B, and so much more — making the pulsating soundscapes that fill House of Wax quite the potent self-portrait not to mention sonically kaleidoscopic.

From the moment House of Wax begins the raucous, euphoric spirit of Wax Motif takes centerstage. Oscillating bangers like “All Black Everything” (feat. Scruffizer) and “Skank N Flex” are a testament to the album’s heady-bass rabidness. Without a doubt, House of Wax is meant to be danced, sweated, and unabashedly rocked-to from start to finish. Other essential gems include the rabid blitz of electronica that rushes in on“Need You” or the lush, euphoric R&B-disco meshing in “Waiting.” That last track is actually one of the four new singles Wax Motif has unveiled with the album, including the hypnotically jumpy “Issa Vibe” and lush electro-pop dreamer “Eyes Closed.”


House of Wax might be fit to help burn down the club with its dance-ready thrills and soundscapes, but the album is meant just as much for the dancefloor as it is anywhere else. The depths of every Wax Motif track are filled with drama: thunderous beat-drops, revolving electronics, and a rotating cast of fellow artists keep House of Wax on repeat long after the first playthrough. Whether you’re throwing it on to get yourself into the right vibe, using it as a late-night drive playlist, or hopefully rocking out to it on the dancefloor, Wax Motif has crafted an impossibly addictive debut.

“These are all songs that I have made over the years that fit my overall style and are meant to stand the test of time — some of these have been released years ago. It shows my progression, the different styles I’ve tested, and the sounds that felt true to myself.”

We were able to pick Wax Motif’s brain for a bit. See what this budding electronic star had to say below.

wax motif hollywood palladium

Grimy Goods (GG): What do you want fans and new listeners to get out of listening to your new album?

Wax Motif (WM): I really wanted the album to feel well rounded, so I hope they find something they like with every moment. Also it’s nice to be back out playing shows again. We just announced my biggest show to date at the Palladium, so I hope that gets everyone hyped to come and party too. I’m really excited because I haven’t played at the Palladium since 2015, and this will my first time DJing there as a headliner. 

GG: What inspires your creative process when making such a genre-spanning variety of tracks? Are there any creative rituals you take part in?

WM: Honestly there was no process. Most of these tracks just came from vibing with friends in studios and just jamming till something felt good. Or we would be in a session where we were producing for someone else but the tracks never got cut. I think having too much of a process or ritual can kind of restrict the creative process. Personally, I find it’s just best to go with the flow until you become unproductive, then either switch up the idea or take a break.

GG: What is one of your most favorite tracks on the new album and why? 

WM: Live For The Night with Daecolm, Ink and Hex. That song is really a freestyle. I met the three of them in London during some sessions, and we just spent five days locked in together writing. But this song came together really quick, maybe in only a few hours. Daecolm, Ink, and I became really close, and they songwrite at an extremely high level for people like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Childish Gambino and more, so I’m lucky to have them on my album.

The Mars Volta

GG: What music artists were you into growing up? Who inspires you now?

WM: Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Prodigy, Armand Van Helden, Pendulum, and lots of French House stuff.  There’s a lot of good stuff out right now, it’s probably the homies who are inspiring me the most. People like Chris Lorenzo, Dombresky, Noizu, CID, John Summit, LongStoryShort, and Colorsick.

Wax Motif will play his first headlining show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 4 — don’t miss it! Visit Wax Motif’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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