Abby Sage releases stunningly beautiful single/video “Force of Habit”

Abby Sage releases stunningly beautiful single/video "Force of Habit"

Abby Sage continues to build her elusively affecting sound with the release of her latest single “Force of Habit,” which also comes with a breathtaking video to match. At the center of the new single is an image of being spread too thin, one tenderly delivered in via its enveloping soundscapes. As with many of her songs Sage’s vocals contort themselves alongside the resplendent melodies of her bedroom-pop bloomers. On “Force of Habit” she takes it a step further, overlaying its warm instrumentation with her own looped vocals.


There is a lush spaciousness that takes hold more so on “Force of Habit” than on any of Sage’s previous songs. That cavernous and resounding feel manifests itself beautifully in the music video’s set. Directed by Sage’s friend Aidan Dick, who approached the artist with his stunning idea for the film. One that visualizes codependency in the striking image of a person (Sage) tottering and leaning to fall before being caught by another (Ryan Brennan).

Beyond the music video and new single, Sage has plans to release more music along with tailored merchandise to go alongside it. The project, which brings together her love of art, clothing, and music, will also encourage sustainability since all the pieces will be thrifted by Sage herself and then modified. Keep an eye out for more music by Sage and go listen to her debut EP Fears of Yours & Mine!


“I wrote about the desire for space & the push and pull a relationship brings,” Sage said of the song’s inspiration. “It’s centered around the idea of stretching yourself and your partner too thin (stretched you out like elastic, figured you out every last bit). You reach that point of stay or go & by ‘force of habit’ you stay. Ultimately you want to break the habit & free yourself from something repetitive and cyclical, but habits & comfort hold you back.”

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Watch the video for Abby Sage’s new song “Force of Habit”

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