With the release of their debut EP Campus last year Australian outfit Royel Otis unleashed their galvanizing and 90’s-nostalgic rock. They’ve also just released their first single of 2022 with “Oysters In My Pocket,” a guitar-driven, made for summer jam that comes with an absolutely wild music video. Watch it below.

“Oysters in my pocket is our way of showing appreciation to the bivalve molluscs that put some boost in our juice and some fire in the libido. Each one as unique as our very own fingertips. Heck don’t pass up an opportunity when you come across these suckers. Stuff them in your pockets and be the life of any party. Influenced by the yearning for a more lavish life than we can afford and maybe The Jam. Live any life you like just don’t spell Royel Otiswithout Oysters. You just can’t. Give it a shot.”

Standouts on Royel Otis‘ EP include the ecstatic opening track “Only One” and melancholic beach-rocker “Days in the Dark.” Comprised of 20-something friends Otis and Royel, the duo electrifies with their piercing vocals and enthralling sonic soundscapes. At times they resemble Portugal. the Man in all their stratospheric howling and vintage-Americana glory, while at others they ooze Tame Impala-leaning psychedelic dreaminess like on “Wait.”

So when will Royel Otis perform in Los Angeles? While the band is playing shows in and around their home of Sydney, Australia — fans in L.A. can’t wait to see this band live. Stay tuned.

Visit Royel Otis’ Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Stream & Watch: “Oysters In My Pocket” by Royel Otis

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