Royel Otis Are High on Love in the Clouds with Latest Single and Video For Upcoming EP “Sofa King”

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Royel Otis by Alex Wall

Australian indie-pop duo Royel Otis gear up for the release of their upcoming EP, due March 31, with a new video for the title track “Sofa King.” The EP, which also includes previously released singles “I Wanna Dance With You” and “Kool Aid,” is the second from the band and the first after “Oysters In My Pocket” skyrocketed the two into the indie stratosphere. “Sofa King” carries the same daydream musings as its predecessors, moving wistfully on the dreamy guitar and drum loop in a straightforward, to-the-point song full of starstruck gleam.


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The vocals carry much of the track’s messaging, accurately capturing the inebriated jubilation and awkwardness that comes from infatuation. Despite the sunny instrumentation, the lead singer’s voice expresses tiredness and worry, maybe even a little regret, for the circumstances. Lyrics like “I’m fine, but I don’t know the words to say it right / I can tell so much has changed, but that’s on me” bluntly depict the scene as distant drones add to the soaring feel of the song. Similarly, the music video features the two bandmates and a lone lawn chair in the middle of a grassy plain, where the sun shines, and the wind blows.


Perfectly in tune with Royel Otis’ catalog, the visuals exemplify just how easygoing their sound has grown. While the lyrics and vocals might lead one to believe there’s something sinister underneath, the band’s singles thus far prove it’s all in lighthearted fun. When speaking about the single, they said, “A baggy beat, jangly guitars and a soaring synth to bring home what you really want to say. You are couch royalty in a messed up world. Own it with pride!” 

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“Sofa King” and its accompanying EP should further solidify Royel Otis and their breezy brand of indie-pop, offering enough room for a woozy conscience just in time for their busy tour schedule and the oncoming spring season.

Words: David Sosa

“Sofa King” by Royel Otis is out on streaming services. Catch the duo’s performances at Groovin the Moo and Reading & Leeds Festivals in the upcoming months, with tickets to their opening act for alt-J’s Australia tour available now. Follow them on Instagram for updates on their upcoming EP, Sofa King.

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