Royel Otis Declare Their Love on Joyous New Single “I Wanna Dance With You,” New EP “Sofa King” Out Mar. 31

Royel Otis
Photo by Alex Wall

Royel Otis has shared a new single with the release of the joyous new track “I Wanna Dance With You,” using it to announce the coming of their next EP Sofa Kings which will be released Mar. 31. Near the end of last year the indie-pop group shared “Kool Aid,” a sonorous and driving anthem that will also appear on the seven-track EP when it arrives next month.

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Full of sublime melody and euphoric rhythm, “I Wanna Dance With You” is a heartwarming declaration of love delivered on the soaring backs of Royel Otis’ energizing vocals. Against the dizzying glint of guitars and crystalline piano strikes the duo whisks you away in a whirlwind of unfettered emotion. While their layered vocals echo all the clamorously desperate emotions that one finds themselves injected with when smitten.

“Gather the courage to tell someone how you feel but muck it up like Frank Spencer on roller skates,” the band said of the single. “Put that image to the banjo scene from ‘Deliverance’ and you have yourself the recipe for ‘I Wanna Dance With You.’ Just play it all off as intentional and you’ll be alright.”


The track also comes with a music video directed by Kyle Caulfied that seeks to capture the glowing energy that “I Wanna Dance With You” bursts with. Riddled with tender nostalgia — for cassette tapes to school dances — the video combines images of the band performing with that of a kid jamming out to it in their bedroom.

But in the fervor, a clock is dropped and the youth ends up missing the dance. They persist and run over in the dark only to find the remnants of a party that has long ended — except right at the last minute a girl arrives and the two salvage the night with a solo dance all unto themselves.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “I Wanna Dance With You” the new single from Royel Otis below!

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