Hot Artist Alert: Buster Baer shares exquisite new single with blissful rollicker “JubJub”

Buster Baer

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite artist: Los Angeles crooner and sardonic songwriter Buster Baer. With his latest jubilant single to be released, “JubJub” is a driving rollicker he calls “a Ramones-style synopsis of ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ by Jean Baudrillard.” Between heady pounding drums, grinding riffs, and dulcet shouts, the track delivers rivetingly its promise to delight those who like to “rock out for real.”


And spiraling alongside the whirling rushes of “JubJub,” tangled up in all the madness, is Baer’s equally gonzo lyricism. “Can you put another magnet to my lips / the only thing that’s real,” he wails before continuing: “I’m making a sound like an ancient knock-off violin.” But the mind-bending chaos of Baer’s imagism plays devilishly well with the song’s breathless punk energy. Like plenty of his other songs, there is a theatricality that lends itself to his off-kilter sound on “JubJub.”

Baer — his first name an ode to Buster Keaton — first found inspiration in the sounds of Los Angeles he came into contact with growing up. Infusions of beach rock and punk, as well as doo-wop, found their way into his music. His debut EP Mock Twang in no uncertain terms found a means of polishing vintage sounds that might’ve oozed from radios decades ago in his own idiosyncratic style. While recent singles like the folk-jammer “Roll That Rock” and the bubbly summer swooner “Used To Too” reveal Baer’s commitment to eclecticism.


Visit Buster Baer’s Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Buster Baer’s new single “JubJub” below!

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