Beyond LA: Inventive Multi-Cultural Band, Making Movies Gear Up for New Album Drop this Summer

Making Movies 2022
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Blending, fuzzy, shape-shifting rock n’ roll with Afro-Cuban, Hispanic and other Latin rhythms and beats — Making Movies, a multi-cultural 4-piece powerhouse from Kansas City, Missouri, approach music making with alacrity, inventiveness and deft. From catchy and light to unrelenting energy, the band contains multitudes of sound. Los Angeles will have a chance to see Making Movies live when they hit the stage of the iconic Paramount in Boyle Heights on June 23.


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With two new sizzling singles out this year, “Calor” and more recently, “Sala De Los Pecadores,” Making Movies are gearing up to release their fourth studio album, XOPA, out June 17 via Cosmica Artists.

“Our music is what happens when that Salsa blend stews for a couple of hours till you can’t recognize the ingredients,” says founding singer, guitarist, and songwriter Enrique Chi. “You don’t know what the originals were because they’ve all been cooked down together.”

Produced by Ben Yonas and mixed by Tchad BlakeXOPA also features an impressive list of guest artists including Marc Ribot, Rubén Blades, Dolores Huerta, Los Lobos, The Sensational Barnes Brothers, Jeremy Kittel, Martha Gonzales, Rev. Charles Hodges, Asdru Sierra and Alaina Moore. Opening up their sound and enlisting staples in the Latin music world, XOPA is a collection and representation of all that the band has done thus far while also honoring the influences and history of music that came before them that helps make them who they are today.


Representing a mix of their heritage and influence from immigrating to the United States with their families, Making Movies is not representative of any one thing, but they do represent the importance of championing and being exposed to all kinds of music. Reflecting on the history of their roots and expanding on it through their own shared and varied experiences as human beings, Making Movies come together to make something unique and fun.

As their name would suggest, the band also pairs many of their songs with clever, out-of-the-box music videos that tell a story within a story. Often zany and always executed with conviction, Making Movies add even more personality and ingenuity through their multi-faceted approach.

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After the release of XOPA, the band is coming to L.A. to perform at the Paramount on June 23. Tickets can be purchased here.

Making Movies are Panamanian brothers and founding members Enrique and Diego Chi, on electric guitar and bass respectively, Mexican-American percussionist and keyboardist Juan-Carlos Chaurand and drummer Duncan Burnett.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Making Movies, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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