Ayoni shares another stunning single with “You Said I Love You Too Soon”– announces new “Vision” EP


Barbadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ayoni has shared a new single “You Said I Love You Too Soon” from her forthcoming EP Vision. The new song also comes with a visualizer that zooms you through night-time cityscapes until the lights are nothing but streaks. A blitz of shuddering sonics “You Said I Love You Too Soon” is another powerfully personal piece by Ayoni, one that tries to reconcile loneliness with a need for companionship.


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“It’s sad / That we’d rather pretend That we found love In a dead end,” she confesses against the thunderous clap of each ecstatic bass drop. Like with many of her songs Ayoni has a talent for empathy. “You Said I Love You Too Soon” isn’t just about her seeing through someone’s desperate but misguided attempts at loving her, but also about seeing their side. What drives a person — a generation — to seek out love at all costs? Especially when the driving force is a fear of being alone as opposed to sincere devotion.


As far as first listenings go, the rapturously cathartic “You Said I Love You Too Soon” is a sign that Ayoni’s Vision EP is going to be another superb collection just like her debut Irridescent was.

“It is a consideration of the lengths this generation is encouraged to go to in order to outrun loneliness,” Ayoni said of the single. “I wrote the song in 2019 at a time where I definitely felt less optimistic about love. I like how overwhelming the lows of the song are and how big the vocals feel. This song is one of my more cinematic creations and a big component of the sound I’m moving into.”

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Listen to Ayoni’s new single “You Said I Love You Too Soon” below.

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