LA Pride’s Pride in the Park Brings LGBTQ+ Artists and Allies Together for June Pride Month

LA Pride in the Park 2022

As part of a series of events taking place in Los Angeles during June, Pride Month, LA Pride is excited to host Pride in the Park, presented by TikTok, an in-person, festival-style event stacked with a full afternoon and evening of activities including nearly two dozen musicians performing on two different stages with Grammy award winning musician Christina Aguilera as the headliner.

The day-long music festival runs 1 – 11 p.m on Saturday, June 11 and will take place at Los Angeles State Historic Park right on the edge of downtown and Chinatown. In addition to musical performances, festivities also include vendors and exhibitors booths, sponsor activities, food and drink and 21-and-over beer gardens.

Tickets are available with GA prices set at $60 and various VIP options ranging from $200-$400. All tickets are available for purchase here. Pride in the Park is open to all ages (attendees over 5-years-old will require a ticket) and 21 and over only where alcohol is being served. Gates open at 1:00 p.m. Ticketed attendees will receive an RFID wristband to allow for contactless entry.


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LA Pride in the Park Performers:

Main Stage

Christina Aguilera: Grammy award-winning singer, performer and all around goddess, Christina Aguilera will be headlining LA Pride in the Park. Known for her flawless dance moves and powerful voice, she has dazzled fans for decades and really needs no introduction.

Anitta: Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, businesswoman and TV presenter Anitta’s music is rhythmic, fun and full of danceable beats. With multiple collaborations and singing in Spanish, Portuguese and English, Anitta is a savvy, talented performer who shape shifts as effortlessly as she ensnares a crowd; her latest album Versions of Me, is a testament to her fluidity and talent.

Syd: Syd is a sultry, soulful singer whose smooth love ballads strike the perfect tone between modern music and classic hip hop and R&B. With a soft, yet unabashed tone, she captures the splendor of being young, falling in and out of love and living life openly.

CHIKA: With new music in the works, young rapper CHIKA is known for telling it like it is and for writing mad rhymes that flow with precision and passion. An innovator of her craft, with a mind for quick wit and word flow, CHIKA is a one-of-a-kind artist and performer.

Michaela Jaé: After becoming the first Trans woman to win an Emmy – winning a Golden Globe for best actress in a drama series – Michaela Jaé released her first single, “Something to Say,” in 2021. The summery, 80s-esque pop song set the stage for Jaé’s venture into music and is a fabulous indicator of what is to come from the talented artists.


Rebecca Black: Known originally for “Friday,” a breakout song that was equally loved and hated with a passion, young artist Rebecca Black has transitioned from wholesome child artist to become a wonderfully eclectic and raw songstress. Still a little sugar, but with a whole lot of spice mixed in, Black combines electronic pop with other music genres.

Eureka: Part of the cast of HBO’s “We’re Here,” Eureka has cultivated an out loud and fabulous persona that captivates and inspires fans while also unleashing a whole boatload of sass and mystique. With playful, sometimes naughty singles such as “WERQ,” Eureka blends their personality into an iconic and unstoppable drag performance.

Bob the Drag Queen: Also a “We’re Here” staple, Bob the Drag Queen is known for their beauty tips, pop culture recaps and critiques on YouTube and a fierce on stage presence.

Zolita: With a pop and R&B infused style, Zolita’s music is heartfelt and raw. She takes experiences in life and transcribes them into beautifully classic pop songs that transcend into the queer scene in part because of its sound and also because of Zolita’s commitment to blending in witchcraft and religious aesthetics that affirm inner power, a control over your destiny and an alternative, inclusive approach to beauty.

Allison Ponthier: Picking up the tried and true job of being a storytelling folk singer, Allison Ponthier’s music pierces deep into the souls of her listeners. Crafty and clever with her words and melodies, Ponthier is a fantastic raconteur with an eye for detail and a mind for writing it all down in a song. 

artist to watch in 2023

Alexander Stewart: Toronto native Alexander Stewart is not just your typical YouTube personality. While he won the hearts of many with his soft, intimate covers of pop songs, his beautiful vocals and lush original music has kept fans glued to his music and YouTube videos for years.

Grag Queen:Winner of the inaugural Queen of the Universe drag singing competition reality show, directed by the same producers from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Grag Queen is an inventive, fun and flirty performer whose stage presence is as influenced by their Brazilian background as it is their own personal flair.

Edward Frame: DJ and co-creator of Pearl Party, a space for inclusivity, self-expression and realness for the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles, Edward Frame brings his red hot style and dance mixes to the main stage for Pride in the Park. 

Love Ur Stage:

A Club Called Rhonda: Also being featured at Pride in the Park will be a special 4-hour DJ set by iconic pansexual dance party, A Club Called Rhonda.

Boy Unlimited x Boy Apocalypse: Combining their unique brand of dance and electro music, Boy Unlimited and Boy Apocalypse will share the stage at Pride in the Park. Both musicians are experts at hyping up the crowd and getting people up on their feet to dance.

DrumAQ: With an R&B style infused with indie electro sounds, DrumAQ’s smooth mix of music makes you groove and grind while the lyrics make you think about the fragility of life and love. His sense of fashion, a mix between urban and queer, also excites the imagination of fans and is always on point.


Gess: Slow and sultry, with plenty of angsty sex appeal, Gess’s music stirs up strong emotions both in love and heartache. His newest single “Plastic” is a soulful, smooth downtempo stunner with plenty of room to breathe in a palpable sadness.

Malibu Babie: With two new songs on the horizon, “BabieGurl” and “GOODTIME,” Malibu Babie is a scorching hot artist who isn’t afraid to be provocative and flirty.

Rossi: Bringing back the glamour of 70s, 80s and 90s pop, Rossi’s inventive stage presence is equal parts glam as it is queer. His upbeat pop music is over the top, fun and reminiscent of glittery disco dance floors and high fashion swag.

Mike Taveira: With a new EP, Cut Velvet, that just recently dropped, artist Mike Taveira is a budding artist with a keen ear for danceable beats and hooks. He writes and produces his own music that is as sensual as it is catchy.

San Cha:With a boisterous and sultry voice, Mexican-American artist San Cha captures the potency of emotion found within classic Mexican tunes and embeds them with a modern perspective. Singing about her life, challenges and progressive thinking, she blends beautifully the uniqueness of her culture with the singularity of her being.

In addition to organizing and sponsoring Pride events, LA Pride also organizes, sponsors or supports other community events throughout the year, and works with their nonprofit, philanthropic, community and corporate partners to further diversity, equity and inclusion.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on LA Pride in the Park and other LA Pride events, make sure to visit their website, Twitter and Instagram.

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