SYD announces new album Broken Hearts Club with another single / Video “Could You Break A Heart” feat. Lucky Daye

SYD announces new album "Broken Hearts Club" with another single "Could You Break A Heart"
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With the release of her latest single “Could You Break A Heart” Los Angeles artist SYD has finally announced her sophomore album: Broken Hearts Club. Embedded in the song’s alluringly tender melody and dreamy production is SYD’s honest apprehension. Alongside the velvet vocals of Lucky Daye the two duet over one of the essential fears of the heartbroken — that is, experiencing the pain all over again.


The new single “Could You Break A Heart” also comes with a stunning music video. Riding the line between love-story and sci-fi odyssey the film manages to capture the earnest and anxious feelings that you develop out of fear of losing someone close to you. It doesn’t matter how that happens — whether it’s via breakup or being beamed into space as in the music video — it always hurts. And the fear of that happening never really goes away, but “Could You Break A Heart” tries to reconcile it and face it.


“The album is about a relationship I had that ended in my first real broken heart,” SYD said of the album’s inspiration. “It almost felt like I joined a club because all of my friends went through similar experiences. It was like a rite of passage. I started writing the album on the relationship when I was in love. You’re really getting the whole journey from the beginning to the end. I want people to find it beautiful. It’s super vulnerable, sentimental, and it’s soft. There’s touching moments and a couple of dark moments.”

Catch SYD performing at The Novo in downtown L.A. on May 7. SYD’s new album Broken Hearts Club is April 8, pre-order it here. Visit SYD’s website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for SYD’s new single “Could You Break A Heart”

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