Beyond LA: Altopalo announce new album ‘frenemy’ with new single/video “Altopalo” — LA Date at Zebulon Oct. 15

Photo by Christopher Fenimore

With the release of their newest self-titled single “Altopalo,” Indiana-based indie-rock quartet, Altopalo has also announced an incoming third album called frenemy. Comprised of close-friends Rahm Silvergalde (singer), Jesse Bielenberg (bassist), Mike Haldeman (guitarist), and Dillon Treacy (drummer), the band’s new song also marks the beginning of a different collaborative approach to writing their songs. The sublime drum riff that thrums along throughout “Altopalo” is all Treacy had before the rest of the band members started layering their parts over it.


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The result is a dually woozy and erratic track that highlights each band member’s forte. But “Altopalo” also reveals some of the sentiments explored on frenemy, which sees the band confronting hard truths about their relationships with one another, ultimately coming to the realization that there was no separating those ties from their work as a band. “I know, I hope I know / You’re a better friend than foe,” Silvergalde croons over Bielenberg and Haldeman’s jutting riffs.

The music video for the song, directed by Nicole Lipp, carries less serious questions about the nature of their friendship. Instead, the video sees the band in color-coded outfits that scream The Wiggles, riding around in a little red wagon that they drag uphill only to watch roll back down.


“Altopalo” is the third single released from frenemy, following “starfish in low tide” and the album’s title track. True to the album’s vein of collaboration, Bartees Strange joins the band on the song “love that 4 u” and serves as one of Altopalo’s first outside feature.

“‘Altopalo’ is a song we wrote about our friendship. It starts when we met and ends where we’re at,” the band said of the single. “It stands as an overture of sorts, laying the groundwork and setting the frame for much of the telling of the stories of us we’re about to hit y’all with this summer.”

Altopalo’s new album frenemy is out September 23 via Nettwerk. The band will also be playing Zebulon in Los Angeles on October 15. Visit Altopalo’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for Altopalo’s new single “Altopalo” below!

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