Torii Wolf and Beginners Team Up to Drop “Pure Androgyny” A Playful Queer Anthem

Torii Wolf Beginners Pure Androgyny 2022
Artwork Design: Of One Kind Creative Studios

Queer artist Torii Wolf and electro-pop band Beginners collaborate to release a new Pride-parallel single, ”Pure Androgyny,” a single that celebrates queer identity and sexuality. The mash up between Wolf and Beginners is perfectly executed and results in a bouncy, charismatic, free form expression of identity and experience.


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Fun, upbeat and with plenty of subtle electronic elements, ”Pure Androgyny” is a genre-bending stunner that is as much about having fun being who you are as it is about standing up for who you are. It’s funky, slinky beat melds seductive instrumentals and a sick drumbeat to fun electro interludes that lead into the song’s playful and catchy chorus. The lyrics combine a tongue-in-cheek attitude with a confident and unapologetic demeanor.

“Collaborating with Torii Wolf, another queer artist like myself, [we] created a truly safe space to dive into sexual orientation and gender expression in a fun, free way that reflects our experience in the queer community,” notes Beginners in an Instagram post. ”‘Pure Androgyny’ is our playful dismantling of the binary and general celebration of queerness. And we couldn’t have had a better time making it.”


An easy and fun Pride anthem, ”Pure Androgyny” has already been added to Spotify’s Pride Out Now playlist alongside other banging Pride tunes perfect for a summer of fun, self-expression and representation.

“As a queer/non binary being, it means so much to me to celebrate pride with our new song being added to these epic Spotify playlists,” writes Wolf on Instagram.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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