Photo by Kayko Tamaki

Like many artists during the pandemic coping with quarantine, Los Angeles-based Torii Wolf found the energy to be quite prolific. Over the course of 2020, they released an astounding 20 singles / tracks that increasingly revealed the eclectic talents behind the singer/songwriter’s genre-phasing songs. But it’s Wolf’s listless spirit of collaboration that shines through their music as much as the deeply affecting collisions of emotion and sound that unfold within them.

Fellow L.A. artists like electronoir (producer/composer/guitarist), FWD The Man (producer/songwriter), and the avant-garde talents of Rumori were frequent presences on many of Wolf’s singles released last year. They lend expansiveness to Wolf’s already multi-dimensional music, offering a prismatic look at the visceral refractions of feeling that their ecstatic vocals give life to. 

If that wasn’t a busy enough year for Wolf then 2021 proved to be even more igniting. Their hit track “shoulda coulda woulda” with Young Saab and Deem Spencer, followed by the release of Wolf’s next collection of songs in Ten Billion Years has only confirmed the artist’s status as one of the more exciting and uniquely talented acts to emerge in the last few years. From the soulful meander of scattered drums and buoyant guitar lines that pulsate warmly beneath Wolf’s glowing cries on “Colours,” to the jaunty rhythms of “No One Knows but Me,” the EP is a testament to Wolf’s bewitching and enthralling creations. But if you thought they’d stop at just one EP you don’t know Wolf – with Fantasy Parade arriving just last month. Opening track “Shatterproof” and its title track are absolute standouts but in reality, the entire EP is lush and ethereal. 

Torii Wolf shows little signs of slowing down even heading into 2022, with plans to release another EP in the form of Ancient Flame. It’s also good news for fans who adore Wolf’s spectacular music videos as the artist will be releasing a bouquet of stunning visuals for their upcoming projects. The first “Safeword” will be released on February 4, with another in “Hangman” out March 11, before releasing the entire EP on April 1. But Wolf also has plans to release a two-piece EP that will be produced by Alex Newport (Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie) and mixed by John Greenham – out sometime in May. Which means, fingers crossed, you’ll also get a chance to catch Wolf on the road. And given their breathtaking set at the Resident this past summer you’ll not want to be kicking yourself for missing this stunning artist and performer do their thing onstage.

“I’ve been working like a polar bear on tons of new music, music that I absolutely love. And I have been collaborating with a ton of extremely talented and passionate people. I am so so so excited to share.”

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