Torii Wolf Bares Their Teeth (and Soul) on Splendid Ten Billion Years EP

Torii Wolf Bares Their Teeth (and Soul) on Splendid Ten Billion Years EP

Fans of Torii Wolf never have to wait long before the artist releases something new and immediately captivating. Music videos, plenty of one-off singles, and even a 4-track EP with Louymadeabanger all were part of the involuntary lead-up to their new EP; now that it’s out, Ten Billion Years has overshadowed the rest, baring Wolf’s teeth and soul. 

The new record came out on the same day as the local musician’s birthday, furthering the idea that Ten Billion Years represents them, in every facet. Their sound was never easy to label, and some external influences shine through across the EP, like that of Jonsí and Alt-J, though the only true unifying force is Wolf themself. Their career has been dedicated to bolstering the community and providing a safe space for everyone to live genuinely; with the waning pandemic, the need for togetherness has never been so strong. 


Wolf has mastered evocative songwriting, leaving emotions on their sleeve and creating a tactile sonic environment. Textured guitars on “Gatekeeper” manufacture a sinister feel, for example, and bleeding pastel melodies describe puppy love on “Away for Too Long.” Tracks swagger with the confidence of a cowboy just as frequently as they shepherd emotional baggage, from “No One Knows But Me” to “Take Everything,” respectively. The title track serves as the EP’s finale, tying up the affair with an introspective ballad. 

In a video posted to Instagram, Wolf said that this release is “one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever been involved in.” It’s easy to see why—their mind is never stagnant and the sheer joy they receive in sharing themselves is enough to keep them perpetually moving. Torii Wolf performed the new songs live with close-knit collaborators who provide Wolf with the cosmic relief they hope to spread. The energy in those recordings is our blueprint…now let’s get vaccinated and party. 

by: Zoë Elaine

Listen to the Ten Billion Years EP below or wherever you stream music. Follow Torii Wolf on Instagram and Twitter

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