Torii Wolf revamps the siren myth in new music video "Lantern Room"

Torii Wolf has shared a new video for their single “Lantern Room,” an eerie ballad that flips the script on the Greek myth of the siren and is their second release with Epidemic Sound. A smoky medley of glowing guitars and haunting instrumentals twinkle in the background of Wolf’s twisted tale of desire and the music video for the song – directed by and starring by Wolf’s partner Kayko Tamaki – brings its [haunting] romance to life.

“Lantern Room” was born out of the questions Wolf found asking themselves of the siren myth: how did the siren know when to visit the sailor and what was the basis of their relationship, love or lust? “Lantern Room” approaches the myth from the perspective of the siren (Kayko) who appears after being beckoned by the sailor/lighthouse-keeper (Wolf); but the duo is doomed to tragedy, with the sailor bringing about their own destruction as a result of their mistreatment of the siren. There’s a delicious melancholy to Wolf’s hoarse cries, their literal “siren-song” unfolding as a cautionary tale of perspective (“There are three sides to every story,” Wolf reminds us), and the empowerment of misunderstood figures.


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“I have always felt very drawn to lighthouses. I love the idea of how the lighthouse stays in one place and offers guidance near and far by way of light,” Torii Wolf said of the inspiration behind the song/video. “[It] feels very spiritual and comforting. I grew up on Long Island NY and spent every summer going to Montauk and visiting the lighthouse. 

This is only Wolf’s second song to be released with Epidemic Sound, but the singer/songwriter has revealed that the support she’s received as an artist and human has been an important part of her experience there. In regards to both their “creative flow” and gender fluidity, Wolf says that the label has been nothing but supportive and encouraging: “Sometimes the pressure to be some kind of way can have an effect on the soul expression and working with Epidemic Sound has been a beautiful and supportive experience so far.”

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Watch the video for Torii Wolf’s new single “Lantern Room”


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