Jesse McCartney gears up to play The Wiltern Los Angeles on June 25 in celebration of his ‘New Stage’ tour

Jesse MCCartney Wilting June 25, 2022

Jesse McCartney is heading to a venue near you this month as the artist continues his New Stage tour in support of his fifth studio album of the same name. With a Los Angeles tour stop at The Wiltern on Saturday, June 25, this will be your one chance to catch the former Dream Street singer before he presumably heads back into the studio to continue his solo work. Supporting Jesse McCartney at the Wiltern will be Jamie Miller and Casey Baer. Doors open at 7pm. *


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For his part, McCartney sees New Stage as the beginning of a new era for him as both a person and an artist. At 34 years old and married — he obviously sees things with a vastly different perspective than he has at previous points in his life. As such the songs on New Stage are more often than not devotionals to his wife, taking the form of easy-listening pop songs that McCartney pens with absolute sincerity. Songs like album opener “Discovering You” and “Yours” resound with his love.

Before the release of New Stage, it’d been seven years since McCartney had released an album. But the hiatus was owed to the pop singer/songwriter’s prolific creative attitudes that exist outside music: taking important roles as actor and voice actor — but also finding time to live his life. Which is part of the reason he came back to music.

In one recent Instagram post, McCartney even revealed he’d been questioning whether or not this tour would be the last one, but the enthusiasm of fans at shows and the selling out of iconic venues has been enough to change the artist’s mind.


“Tonight marks the halfway point of the New Stage Tour and it has been an unbelievable journey thus far,” shared McCartney in an Instagram post. “If I’m being honest, before we started this run I thought to myself, “maybe this will be the last one. At some point they will have had their fill and stop showing up.” However, after many sold out shows in historic venues, I woke up today feeling differently. Yet again, you have humbly proved me wrong and I am so grateful to have an audience of people who humor me for 90 minutes each night. After years of doing this, it still doesn’t get old or feel tired and at least right now, it feels like there’s no end in sight….”

Jesse McCartney will perform at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on June 25. The iconic L.A.-based venue is adjoined to the historic Pellissier Building, an Art Deco landmark at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. From inside-out, The Wiltern is full of Art Deco design containing decorative plaster and tile work along with colorful murals painted by Anthony Heinsbergen. While inside the Wiltern, catching Jesse McCartney serenade your soul, look up for moment and take in the incredible sunburst on the ceiling of the auditorium. And do not leave Jesse McCartney’s show at the Wiltern without taking a photo in front of that classic marquee!

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Fans interested in making the most of their Jesse McCartney experience can opt for special VIP experiences, or get a meet and greet experience at the show. All you gotta do is head to the merch stand and book your meet and greet with Jesse! Get your tickets!

Visit Jesse McCartney’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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