Echosmith – photo by Nightdove Studio

Echosmith have returned with the release of “Hang Around,” a jovial and vibrant love song that makes use of the band’s infectious pop hooks. Amidst anthemic harmonies, electrifying riffs, and vivacious percussion the three Sierota siblings share their powerful romances. It was also appropriately written on a sweltering summer day — making it the perfect breezy soundtrack to dedicate to the source of sunshine in your life.


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Led by Sydney’s crystalline vocals, “Hang Around” is as much a song about true love blossoming between two people as it is about the band’s own rediscovery of their love for making music. It’s the first song since last year’s “100 Years” and the band’s 2020 sprawling sophomore album Lonely Generation.

Moving away from their zeitgeist-prodding and incisive lyricism of that last album — “Hang Around” signals a new chapter for Echosmith. Its celebratory and devotional nature, wrapped up in the band’s ever euphoric and sleeker than ever pop creations, is proof that the best is yet to come from the California trio.

“‘Hang Around’ truly defined and set the tone for this next chapter. The process of making the song actually reflects the whole meaning behind the lyrics,” Sydney said of the single. “We wanted to talk about our relationships, and how when a love feels so right, there’s no way we could’ve planned it ourselves. So all you want to do is be around it. On a hot August day, we went into the studio and wrote ‘Hang Around’ in just a few hours. We listened back the next day and knew right away that this was the direction for our new music.”

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Listen to Echosmith’s new single “Hang Around”