Egg Drop Soup 2022
Photo Credit: credit Meriel O’Connell

Rebel-rousers Egg Drop Soup are back at it with another blazing new single for the year, “Jimmy Eat Shit.” With an expletive in the title and instrumentals jam packed with lots of grungy guitar sounds, heavy bass and unstoppable percussion, the track is monumentally unrelenting as it focuses on the gut wrenching uncertainty that permeates our daily existence — i.e. the nagging of our own mortality. The new single is out today as part of Suicide Squeeze’s Pinks & Purples singles series (also featuring The Shivas, cumgirl8 and Death Valley Girls).

Sammy Westervelt (bass and lead vocals) wrote “Jimmy Eat Shit” ahead of 2020’s quarantine. Healing from a concussion, Westervelt was warned of the potential dire and deadly consequences she could face from a second head injury. Westervelt also learned at that time of a former high school classmate who was involved in a head-on collision.

“For the first time in my life as a musician, I was experiencing sobriety (to heal from my concussion) and I couldn’t self-medicate out of the sadness and fear I was experiencing around these different things,” Westervelt says. “I channeled that into the song and it kinda morphed into an examination of the perception of reality, media, and self in society.”

Joined by bandmates Olivia Saperstein (guitar and backing vocals) and Bailey Chapman (drums), Westervelt unleashes her newfound sense of fragility in a frantic, biting whirlwind of a song, expelling the negative feelings despite the fact that we will never fully know or be able to control our fate. And, even though nothing has technically changed, it feels good to let go of these frustrating, intrusive thoughts.

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Egg Drop Soup will be performing in Los Angeles on July 9 as part of Junior High LA and Women That Rock Summer Nights Fest. Ticket info and lineup can be found here. Be sure to keep an eye out for more to come from Egg Drop Soup.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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