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THEY. have released another single, this time enlisting the help of Fana Hues to fan the flames of the steamily intimate “Comfortable.” It’s a track that makes use of the Los Angeles duo’s love of retro, sultry beats enchanted with modern sleekness. Which probably explains why THEY. had vintage sports cars in mind while recording the song, thrumming bass coming through similarly nostalgia-drive speakers.


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All this is to say that “Comfortable” is the kind of song you bump while driving in anticipation of being reunited with that particularly ardent lover. While the presence of Hues elevates the whole beat-driven passion into something else entirely. Her silvery vocals cut through all that heart-accelerating bass.

The music video for the song, directed by Priya Minhas, captures the essence of “Comfortable” and all its hot-blooded desire. Shots of two people silhouetted in the doorway of a room lit by scarlet lighting — a lover waiting expectantly on the bed — embody the song’s fervent spirit while also continuing the duo’s love of film noir styles. And when Hues arrives on the scene it only gets more ethereal: appearing in a shimmering dress and writing in lipstick “I make the rules” on a monitor screen.

“From day one we’ve worked to find new ways to push our sound. ‘Comfortable’ brings out that undeniable smooth R&B energy we’ve always loved but is sonically a different vibe for us,” THEY. said of the single. “Inspired by the essence of vintage 80’s sports cars and that era of sophistication, we wanted to make something that you could envision yourself listening to in an Alfa Romeo or a 300zx that still had that R&B feel to it. Additionally, Fana is an artist that we have been fans of for a long time and she added the sparkle the song needed to take it over the top.”

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Watch the video THEY. single “Comfortable” (feat. Fana Hues) below!

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