Isabel Dumaa Tackles Self Doubt on Debut Single “Call My Bluff”

Isabel Dumaa 2022
Photo Credit: Teaghan Rohan

Tackling insecurities and self doubt, LA newcomer Isabel Dumaa digs deep for her debut single, “Call My Bluff,” a song that helps one deal with the jitters of feeling out of place. With a crackly, warm lo-fi sound to open, the new tune swan dives into a polished, indie pop dream with soft pastel colors and a hopeful tone that seems to offer a reassuring hand.


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Written as a way to address the anxiety felt being in a new place and not knowing how to fit in yet, “Call My Bluff” is all about fighting that internal monologue that tells you that you aren’t good enough or that nagging feeling that you are vulnerable and everyone sees it. Being in a new situation can be tough on the nerves, but it’s a little easier to face such things when you know others feel the same way too.


“‘I write in cursive ’cause it makes me feel smarter,’ came to me one day after leaving school,” notes Dumaa on the song’s lyrics. “I had left my computer at home and had to hand-write part of an essay, and I did so in cursive. I asked myself why I chose to write in cursive and looking at the writing, I realized it gave me a sense of distinctiveness and individuality, regardless of the words I put down. Even though I didn’t feel confident in the essay, the cursive made it feel better. That idea became the basis for this song. Later that year, I moved to LA and found myself experiencing feelings of inferiority and doubt. Yet, I found myself doing little things or putting up different facades that would make me feel better about myself, or at least appear so. I wanted to write a song that encapsulated that feeling of imposter syndrome and conquering it.”

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A California native, Dumaa was born in San Francisco and has been writing music since she was 11 years old. Now, barely a young adult, she has sharpened her lyrical skills and is ready to debut her career with thoughtful, pop infused music that is relatable and vulnerable. With a long list of contemporary and classic influences (from Patsy Cline to Taylor Swift), Dumaa draws inspiration from R&B, Bedroom Pop, and even Folk and Jazz. With more singles underway, be on the lookout for more music drops from Isabel Dumaa.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Isabel Dumaa, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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