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Rising star SEB has announced his sophomore EP,  IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING II: don’t worry, i’ll be fine, slated for release on Aug. 19 via Mom+Pop. Along with his EP announcement, SEB has also dropped new single “get yo bread,” a deep and reflective tune about the woes of having to compete for money and the space that pursuit can take up in one’s life.


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“I wrote this song when I was probably at my lowest financially,” states SEB. “We were still in the middle of the pandemic and I was arguing everyday with unemployment. During that time, money was the focal point of everything, and more importantly what was I willing to do for it. The song starts with me screaming ‘get yo bread’ and by the end I’m right back where I started.”

Feeling numb to the fact that one has to compete, produce and climb the rungs of a society that doesn’t seem to promote personal well being or happiness, SEB hits on a very poignant subject with rising social, political and personal issues arising in the capitalistic world. More and more, individuals are taking a look at how they make money and how much that affects their overall lives. With a candid tone and signature cadence, SEB explores some of these sentiments and shares his own personal experiences along the way.

His new EP varies in genre, veering from acoustic to hip-hop, proto-funk, pop and more, sometimes in the space of a single song. The majority of the songs took shape during a month-long road trip SEB and his girlfriend embarked on last year; SEB finding inspiration and creating elements of songs in his head as they traveled the country, taking stops in various locales where they each had personal histories. When they returned home, SEB estimated he had about 80 percent of the record worked out mentally. This new approach to songwriting can be felt throughout the EP in its spontaneity and eclectic compositions, but the overall sound and style still retains a quality unique to SEB’s music. It also inspired the song’s music video, a collection of on-the-road home video shots.

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Carving out his own stylistic lane, SEB draws from a myriad of influences including the emotionally charged songwriting of artists such as  Kurt Cobain and Joni Mitchell to the boundary-breaking approach of artists like Tyler the CreatorKid Cudi, and Grimes. Since his debut single in 2020, SEB has been honing his talents into a non-genre conforming and personal catalog of diverse tunes.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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