Los Angeles indie-rockers Rooted are back with another stunning jam with the release of new single “Dime a Dozen.” Still mingling their vintage and vibrant pop sensibilities with soaring vocal harmonies, the new track is a synth-burst of optimism tailor made for whatever rut you find yourself in. Opening with resounding piano keys and electric riffs, “Dime a Dozen” surges hopefully as the five-piece resolutely argue for savoring the good times as a means of weathering the bad.

“I won’t give up hope; gonna go for broke,” sings Maddox Lim before fellow singer-songwriter Genevieve Thai joins in to lend her own shimmering vocals to the track. Like previous Rooted songs there is an inherent positivity at the core of “Dime a Dozen” that tries to communicate a simple idea in sonically lush ways. Just like their last single “Waiting,” the one emotion that always gushes through the band’s songs is always this genuine elation.

“It seems like every day we face new problems, drama, and conflict in our lives,” Lim said of the single. “This song is about letting those problems go and choosing to stay positive and hopeful instead.”

Listen to Rooted’s new single “Dime a Dozen” below!

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