Ko (aka Koala) knows when to “Hit & Run” on riff-smoldering new single

Ko aka Koala

Ko aka Koala’s latest single “Hit & Run” is a riff-smoldering banger that tries to encapsulate the fiery crash ending of a doomed relationship. Known for blending her myriad genre influences, from hip-hop to techno and metal, the new track explodes with cascading electric guitars and shuddering bass. And at its center is Ko’s piercing voice as she lays out the ground rules. “So let’s just make the most of this goodbye,” she sings lucidly.


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“Hit & Run” hones in on the feeling you get as a relationship starts to run its course. Sometimes it’s mutual, a lot of times it’s not, but Ko seems to accentuate that the best thing you can do is to not be in denial. “‘Hit & Run’ is not a sad song,” she said of the single. “As much as it’s about taking control of a bad situation and knowing when to let someone go.”


“Just another car chase / Left in the dust,” she sings of past heartaches clearly determined not to repeat such mistakes. “Hit & Run” is a different take on breakup anthems, one that doesn’t wallow or pine over the heartbreak but instead finds some empowerment in accepting the limits of certain relationships.

With the release of “Hit & Run” Ko continues her streak of singles she’s released since last year. An album can’t be far off given how prolific the songwriter, producer, dancer, director, and visual artist has been. If you’re not yet obsessed with the all-encompassing artistry of Ko aka Koala then after “Hit & Run” you will be. After throwing the new single on repeat for a bit make sure you check out her other 2022 releases like the glitchy electronica of “Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Me?” and the razor-sharp hip-hop rager “Tada.”

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Listen to Ko’s new single “Hit & Run” below!

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