SPELLES has shared a new single with the release of “Lift You Up,” a rousing chorus of bewitching vocals and booming piano keys from Kathryn Baar and Jordan Frye. It’s the collision of Baar’s stirring vocals and the breadth of Frye’s fantastical production that results in another rhaphsodic track. On “Lift You Up,” SPELLES emerge like a beam of light through cloudy skies, gleaming with hope and devotion.

Baar wrote the song alongside fellow singer/songwriter Frye, leaving momentarily the haunting lyricism and sonics that characterized previous SPELLES tracks. But “Lift You Up” still has the same colossal weight as “Ghost Ship” or “Machete” and is no less thunderous. And like those previous songs SPELLES’ new single hones in on two very important ideas: surviving strife and helping others through it.

“I will help you put the pieces back,” Baar cries out in rejoice. Its hopeful clarion ring serves as a rallying cry against life’s painful moments, one that highlights the need to persevere but also to make ourselves available to the people we care about. In a lot of ways that’s exactly what SPELLES are doing with every new track released.

Listen to SPELLES’ new single “Lift You Up” below!

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Words by Steven Ward