Jordan Hawkins

If you haven’t yet heard the kind of stunning, guitar-led music of R&B rockstar Jordan Hawkins then his latest single “Super Power” needs to be the next thing you hear. It’s also the first single the 24-year-old guitar wizard has unveiled since the release of his debut EP Heart Won’t Stop, which should ideally be your next stop after running through the winding grooves of the single a few times. Hawkins was also featured in a Color Studios video where he performed “Super Power” in all its raw clarity against a soothing seafoam backdrop.


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The slow-burning rock of “Super Power,” coupled with Hawkins’ rapt vocals, shines a bit of light on where he gets his inspiration for such R&B anthems. From Prince to Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer, from the moment he was gifted an electric guitar by his grandfather Hawkins sought to emulate the insatiable spirit of those auteurs. And like them, he does so with both his staggering vocals and potent guitar work. On “Super Power,” it radiates from his raspy croons and glowing riffs.

But on Heart Won’t Stop it’s easier to see the simmering cohesion Hawkins has cooked up out of his love for guitar-driven funk. There are tender R&B and neo-soul pieces like “Slow Down” and its ecstatic title track, yet there are also plenty of 80’s inspired rock-and-groove tracks with “Make Me Feel” and “Risky.” And every song’s colossal breadth — from its harmonies to its instrumentals — speaks to Hawkins’ start in his church choir.

Listen to Jordan Hawkins’ new single “Super Power” below!

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Words by Steven Ward