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Manila-born, Los Angeles-based Eyedress (Idris Vicuña) has finally released his sprawling new album Full Time Lover, a 28-track collection that pushes the boundaries of his genre experimentation and capacity for collaboration. Alternating between retro electronica and throwback hip-hop beats the album sees him join forces with a variety of artists and singers: from indie-darlings like The Drums and Homeshake to beatmakers like Nosaj Thing and rapper Chuck Strangers. Cover to cover, Full Time Lover is an album filled to the teeth with some of Eyedress’ most mesmeric, genre-melding songs.


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Right from the get-go, the album bathes you in its vaprous and electric soundscapes. Starting with the synth-delight “Dream Dealer” (feat. Chad Hugo) and the hypnotic new wave jam “Still In Love.” Then there’s the slow-burn, gloamingly melodic “Spaghetti” (feat. Homeshake) and “Faith In Love” (feat. Provoker) on which Eyedress proves he doesn’t need much to absolutely captivate.

But the vintage, romance-drenched allure reaches its peak on the album self-titled track “Full Time Lover,” where dazzling guitars peek out from behind the song’s hazy atmospherics as Eyedress intimately serenades. Directed by Vanna Youngstein, the music video feels like the kind of dreamily retro piece you could’ve seen on MTV decades ago, with blue toned and soft glow production. But it also lays on the romance as it sees Vicuña proposing to his partner Elvia surrounded by fish tanks.

Other standouts on Full Time Lover include the one two punch of “2 Headed Goat” (feat. RealYungPhil, Lucien Clarke) and “I Don’t Dial 911” (feat. N8NOFACE, Slimesito). Not to mention the swooning “Dinner Time” (feat. The Drums, Paul Cherry) or the other The Drums collab track “Try Another Time.”

“This is the album where I’m putting all the genres together, and I usually keep them separate,” he explains about the 28-track project. “I’ll drop a whole rap album, or I’ll drop a whole guitar album. But I thought, maybe everyone already knows me as this person who does all of these things. So why don’t I just put it all on the same album?”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Eyedress’ new album Ful Time Lover below!

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