Broken Baby
Photo by James Duran

Broken Baby has shared a new single with the release of the rollicking powerhouse “Make Manager,” as well as announced a stop at El Cid in Los Angeles on Sep. 8 alongside Calliope Musicals with support from Bonavega. A drum-pounding rager led by vocalist Amber Bollinger and backed by Alex Dezen’s virulent guitar work, the track outlines in perfectly articulated fury over the ways men abuse their power. From presidents and senators to lead singers in bands — Broken Baby mince no words in describing just how fed up they are with the bullshit.

Over grinding riffs and thundering sonics, Bollinger’s lightning-rod vocals dash through the gauntlet of her rage. Before becoming the fiery singer for Broken Baby she’d previously worked as an actor in Hollywood, enduring years of sexual harassment and blatant misogyny until the band was borne out of a need to express all pent-up anger. But “Make Manager” is more than just indignation — it’s the kind of powerful rock track that shakes your bones, moves your limbs, and gets your soul burning. It’s impossible to not get caught up in either Bollinger’s rapid-fire passion or her incisive attacks on patriarchal power.

The music video for “Make Manager,” directed by Tony Diaz, sees Bollinger pair up the song’s rabid kinetics with clips of her dancing and singing (earbuds in) to the song inside what looks like either a Target or Wal-Mart. Down the aisle, doing cartwheels, sliding on chairs in the home department — the duo makes quite the spectacle for everyone doing their daily shopping inside. But the video catches the inane and delirious ways in which Broken Baby also conducts its live shows. Which often sees Bollinger herself hurdling over cocktail tables and really getting in the crowd’s face to ignite some participation. If there ever was a band who could successfully rock the doldrums of a department store it’s Broken Baby.

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Broken Baby will be playing El Cid in Los Angeles on Sep.8. Visit Broken Baby on their Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Broken Baby’s new single “Make Manager” below!