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DeathbyRomy is back with another transfixing single and music video, sharing her recent team-up with producer Away to create the pitch-black rock track “I Kill Everything.” She actually first started to get the idea for the song after seeing a photograph of two girls in t-shirts that said “I kill everything I f**k” at a GG Allin concert. But that’s only the half of it — as with all her songs and videos DeathbyRomy has a talent for developing iconically and powerfully eerie aesthetics. In “I Kill Everything” she cranks up the drama and viscera with deliciously unsettling effects.

Steeped in the discordant noise of shuddering electronica and whining riffs, “I Kill Everything” follows a twisted romance between its pseudo-succubus narrator and all its ill-fated lovers. As is made clear in both the title and chorus — Romy plays the part of a woman that finds herself destroying all the people she goes to bed with. Setting the stage for an aural horror short that is only made the more anxious by its booming sonic soundtrack.

The music video for “I Kill Everything,” which Romy directed alongside manager Ally Duesbury with Natasha Longmuir handling the stunning make-up, follows the soul-blistering and blood-soaked narrative of the song to absolute perfection. As the video starts, we see Romy enter a liquor store and emphatically gain the cashier’s attention, leading him back to her home where she takes a hungry bite out of his neck. After seeing shots of her stalking other potential victims the video ends up at a crowded bar (the Bourbon Room in Hollywood) where everyone seemingly joins in on the insatiable mix of pain and pleasure. And when Romy herself falls to a bloody knife by one crazed patron (Away) it reveals the fatal fine line between desire and destruction.

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Words by Steven Ward

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